Cristina Lorenzet

artist statement

I make ceramic scuptures that are inspired by the architecture and the landscape around us. I study the environment to look for details, clues, materials, ways of constructing.

Often I pick up discarded objects because of their texture, which I use to imprint in clay or simply because of their colour and shape.

I build in a free way without the use of supports of moulds. I just follow the lines and patterns in the textured clay, as a guide on where to cut and what to do next. I work in a sort of rhythmic way by adding, removing, reinforcing and demolishing a form till is completed.

What really interests me are buildings of an abandoned decadent and rusted appearance, constructed on stilts, maybe about to collapse.

All of this feeds my perception of the reality and can be seen in my work.

I am Italian born and I now live and work in London. 

In 2017 I graduated from the Ceramic Diploma at the Citylit and since then I have been continuing to explore clay and sculpture.


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